CD containing over 340 Paint Shop Pro tubes for use with Paint Shop Pro Versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

These images are saved with a .psp extension rather than a .tub extension so they may be converted to other programs. If you are using Photoshop I have links to filters to convert them.

Categories include: Decorative, Poser women, miscellaneous (penny farthings, carriages, old time baby carriages, old time suitcases).

These are quality vibrant nice size images that I use personally for my own web designing business. They can be used to make stationary, ecards, business cards, logos, candy wrappers, auction templates, etc., in addition to web graphics. They hold no restrictions other than reselling them in and of themselves (i.e. burning the CD and reselling the tubes). You may use them for designs for personal or commercial use. Many are my own design and are made from scratch or in my Poser program with characters I purchased to use with the program and may freely distribute any finished render (image). Any additional information needed please email me at

Price for the CD is $6.95 and $2.00 Shipping and Handling in the United States.

Due to excessively high shipping costs I am no longer able to offer CD sales internationally. I am very sorry for this change

Preferred payment is with Pay Pal however I will accept checks or money orders (made payable to Anne Rochford).

If you wish to send payment by mail (made payable to Anne Rochford):

Anne Rochford
1525 September Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603

***Please be sure to include your email address if ordering a membership***

There are free paint shop pro tubes on my site (link below) which you may download and use as you please. Commercial or personal. Just please do not redistribute the tubes in and of themselves (this includes tube groups).

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